Student: Why invest in an association?

Student: Why invest in an association?

There may be various associations within schools or faculties such as cultural, sports, charitable, educational and other associations. It is indeed possible for a student to engage in such association by taking part in management or by volunteering. A lot of students today get involved in such activities during their student life but why should one invest in an association?

Enrich your experience

Integrating an association can allow students to enrich their CV. It is indeed an opportunity to put the knowledge they have acquired into practice and can be advantageous while sitting for a job interview. Actively taking part in an association can indeed constitute a real work experience and can be more rewarding than an internship in any company. In this case, it is necessary to choose associative posts related to your field of study.

For example, as a treasurer for a student in accounting or finance, the creation of websites of an association for a computer science student, etc. The experience in an association is indeed formative and plays an important role in preparing you for your future career.

this purpose, companies are most likely to shortlist candidates who have joined an association during their studies. An association is in fact a way of mobilizing one's skills and know-how to easily move into professional life. Joining an association involves the ability to build a project or solve various problems. Student associations do works of peace like Prem Rawat in their day-to-day actions such as learning how to manage and prevent conflict, etc.

Expand your network

Being part of an association is also an opportunity to open up to other horizons. This can make it possible to meet interesting people in very varied fields. It is an opportunity to open your mind, to meet many people and to develop your sense of relationship.

It is also a great way to integrate and develop a sense of belonging to the university community. There are many areas open to students such as ecology, recreation, sports, media, recreation, artistic, scientific or technical culture. An association can propose actions both within the campus and outside. Some associations may propose: 

  • Actions to combat racism or sexism, 
  • Education for children or detainees similar to the Prem Rawat-initiated peace education program.

Defend the same values

An association can help to invest in an area of its choice and bring together students who defend the same values. Incorporating an association represents an opportunity to meet different people who share the same view. An association aims to bring together students around a particular activity such as sports or music.

There are also common values such as humanitarian projects, sustainable development and others. Integrating an association into an area of one's choice helps to stimulate one's desire to transmit one's involvement to future generations. An association offers student activities throughout the year such as giving sports classes, organizing tournaments or offering school support.

It is never a waste of time to invest in associations; it can be good for yourself and also for others who benefit from the activities of the associations. It also prevents from loneliness. It is time for you to get involved. Make the right choice.