Can youth be an agent of peace?

Photo Can youth be an agent of peace?

The future generation will be the most efficient speakers of peace in the world. Given the current situation, their awareness to act for peace is an essential recourse and the fact that they are a hyper-connected generation will make the message get through easily.

Establishing peace turns out to be an endless fight that deserves to be considered by everyone, regardless of age or gender; young people especially for the reasons below.

Actors to be formed to intervene in the future

Young people between the ages of 7 and 17 are more than concerned with the promotion of peace. Although they are thriving as people, they are also in full construction of what their future will be like later. Therefore, it is by starting their commitment while still young that they will be able, at the adult age to assume their responsibilities and to be active peace builders. At their young age: 

  • They can mould their way of seeing and thinking so that they want to adopt the search for peace as a philosophy of life; 
  • They are full of energy and can use it to propose innovative and dynamic actions to undertake. It is this cool side that remains the first undeniable quality of youth in peace.

On the other hand, actions begin by themselves before they spread. As peace ambassador Prem Rawat puts it so well, "It is not the world that needs peace, but people".

Sustainable peace officers

The advantage of starting this battle while young is the guarantee of sustainability of the actions. It will not be to attend any celebration or a simple conference on the topic. The involvement of young people to bring peace to the world spans almost a lifetime and we can talk about the follow-up or continuity.

The reality of today's life suggests that all forms of peace through inner peace and non-violence are likely to suffer more and more scourges. Areas of intervention need to be expanded and strategies must be based on proximity. Globalization accompanied by the great diversity of world cultures requires a great capacity for adaptation.

And it's one of the greatest assets of the new generation of young people. The phrase "They have all their life before them" says a lot about that fact.

An exemplary reference

The peace ambassador, Prem Rawat is one of those great men who make of broadcasting messages of peace their main mission. After representing his country in London to talk about peace when he was only 13 years old, he continues today to preach peace in the world.

And this, despite his status as a father and a business owner. Indeed, the conviction that animated him in his childhood continues to guide him to this day. For now, here is what he really thinks: "Peace in the world is quite possible." This shows that young people are efficient tools for the promotion of peace.